Harry Potter

Harry Potter

terça-feira, 29 de maio de 2012

Aparecium / Revelium - Makes invisible ink appear.

- Carpe Retractum - Push something back as a gate for example.

- Colloportus - This spell locks the doors, preventing them from being opened by a certain time. Seal up the desired environment. More powerful than "Groundhog Seal", which can be broken only by powerful wizards.

- Diffindo - Cut things.

- Erect - Monta things.

- Spell to Accelerate - Boosts the target object, adding a higher speed.

- Spell of the Four Points - Me East - Causes the wand, in the palm of who performs the spell, point to the cardinal points north, like a compass. Aim just to the north.

- Spell Expulsório - Depart the objects of the person who calls.

- Spell Seal - seals scrolls with a touch of the wand.

- Maximum Lumos - A more powerful variation of the "Lumos."

- Pericullum - Launches red sparks into the sky.

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