Harry Potter

Harry Potter

segunda-feira, 23 de abril de 2012


A strange room in Hogwarts that does not appear on the Marauder'sMap. This room is only when required. In the fourth book, Dumbledoresays that once, looking for a bathroom and the room came out of nowhere. And there was a bathroom inside. When searched for her again, he did not. The room in one of its forms, is used as a deposit.There you will find many magical artifacts forgotten, like the diadem ofRavenclaw and a sink cabinet, which takes you to another closet inBogins & Burke (the Death Eaters used it to get into Hogwarts in 1997).In the fifth book, Harry founded the Dumbledore's Army and began teaching for some students, the matters for Umbridge, wereinappropriate and unnecessary. The room needs became the seat of Dumbledore's Army.

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