Harry Potter

Harry Potter

segunda-feira, 23 de abril de 2012

24/06/1995- 02/05/1998

Voldemort is back, thanks to his servant Wormtail. Despite warnings from Dumbledore, the Ministry of Magic refuses to believe in the returnof the Lord of Darkness. At Hogwarts, Harry away from Dumbledore,fearing that Voldemort use the mental connection he has with the boy.Surviving members of the ancient Order of the Phoenix come togetheragain, now with Harry, Hermione and Ron in the group (among other young people). At school, children need to face the new director,Dolores Umbridge. Dumbledore begins to hunt Horcruxes with Harryand Voldemort's past comes up. After Dumbledore's death at the battleof the astronomy tower, the ministry of magic ceases to exist. Voldemortattacks up the Muggle world. Harry leaves school and goes in search of the Horcruxes, Voldemort while trying to find the Wand of Wands, one of the legendary relics of Death. Everything ends in 1998, the Battle ofHogwarts.

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